Manufacturers and Importers

LLC “Luzanovka” is a distribution company, the main field of activity of which is the sale of alcoholic, non-alcoholic drinks, as well as various foodstuffs in the territory of the Odessa region.

For many years the company is a partner for various brands among which you can meet such as ABInbev, IDS Borjomi Ukraine, “New Products”, “Shabo”, “Bacardi-Martini”, etc.

-Daily delivery of more than 1500 orders to various Trade Points of Odessa and the region;

-Total volume of exported cargo can amount to 500 tons;

-The total scope of service covers more than 4500 outlets.

-fruitful cooperation with various regional trading networks among which such as: “Tavria V”, “Kopeyka”, “Objora”, “2 Shaga”, etc. Cooperation with LLC “Luzanovka” will allow to bring to the market any competitive brand represented in the group of foodstuffs in the shortest terms and with minimal investments, as well as to increase the trade coverage of already existing Brands.

We are guided by the principles of fulfillment of partnership obligations, observance of deadlines and constant development.

The main standards of the company’s work are:

  • Quality of coverage, which is constantly working sales department-6 directions, 18 teams, 130 people;
  • Delivery of products to the sales point within 24 hours after the order;
  • Optimization of the work of sales representatives – providing PDA, GPS-trackers;
  • Professional inventory management, which provides for a minimum of 2-week stock, taking into account the projected demand;
  • Compliance with the price policy of manufacturers and importers.

If you want your company’s goods to replenish the assortment on the shelves of retail outlets, please contact us by phone number + 38 (048) 711 92 00 or send information about your enterprise to e-mail


Retail-Wholesale Shop

Our warehouse-shop is the best choice, if necessary organization of various events (banquets, buffets, etc.). The purchase of various alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in bulk, allows achieving significant savings in budget funds while observing a decent level of quality.


Logistics services are the most important part of the professional activity of our LLC “Luzanovka”, since quality distribution of products is impossible without the appropriate resources of the company.

Today our company has a significant fleet, highly organized warehouse infrastructure, as well as other resources that allow to provide the following range of services:

  • Responsible storage of goods “turnkey”:
  • Storage of products,
  • Picking and sending orders
  • Repackaging and other types of warehouse processing;
  • Transport services in Ukraine and region – cargo transportation weighing: 1, 1.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 tons;
  • Rent a car of our fleet;
  • Services of loaders (hourly payment);
  • Rent a forklift with a driver (hourly payment);
  • Loading and unloading operations both on pallets and in manual mode;
  • Technical maintenance and repair of cargo vehicles.

Due to the fact that many transport and trading companies are not yet ready to create their own logistics structures, so our company is always ready to cooperate in this field, as mutually beneficial relations in the field of logistics contribute to Sustainable development of all partners.   Basic model of our cars:

МAN TGA 18 (10 tons)

  • The maximum weight of the cargo is 10 tons;
  • Height-2.25 m; Width-2.45 m; Length-6 m;
  • In the presence of cars with and without boards;
  • Loading method: Back (roll).

MAN LE 8, TGL 7, TGA 7, TGA 8 (5 tons)

  • The maximum weight of the cargo is 5 tons;
  • Height-2.30 m; Width-2.25 m; Length-4.90 m;
  • In the presence of cars with and without boards;
  • Boot method: Back.

IVECO 65 C 14 (4 tons)

  • The maximum weight of the cargo is 4 tons;
  • Height-1.90 m; Width-2.10 m; Length-3.75 m;
  • In the presence of a car with a board.
  • Boot method: Back.

VOLVO (8 tons)

  • The maximum weight of the cargo is 8 tons;
  • Height-2.03 m; Width-2.40 m; Length-6 m;
  • Boot method: Back.

RENAULT KANGOO (0.45 tons)

  • The maximum weight of the cargo is 0.45 tons;
  • Height-1.10 m; Width-1.10 m; Length-1.40 m;
  • Boot method: Back.


Company LLC “Luzanovka” has established itself as a reliable distributor of beverages and foodstuffs in Odessa and Odessa region.

The main activity of our company is the provision of distribution and logistics services. The trade network of the company has more than 4000 retail outlets and includes such key trade networks of the Odessa region as: “Tavria V”, “Kopeyka”, “Objora”, “2 shaga” etc.

Our trading partners have perfectly established themselves both on the international and Ukrainian market, each of which is responsible for the distibjuciju of a certain segment of products and beverages:

  • ABInbev: Budweiser, Corona, Stella Artois, Beck, Hoegaarden and Leffe
  • IDS Borjomi Ukraine: AquaLife, Borjomi, “Mirgorodska”, “Old Mirgorod”, “Morshinska”, “Sorochinska”, Truskavecka
  • Group of companies “New Products“: “Dzherelo”, APPS, Pit Bull, NON STOP, REVO Energy, REVO Alco Energy, POP STAR, Eatme, SHAKE, King’s Bridge, Roger’s, “Zbiten Golden Bumblebee” and MOJO
  • Shabo
  • Bacardi Martini: Rum Bacardi, vermouth martini, cocktails Bacardi Mojito Classic and Martini Soda, sparkling wine martini, champagne Laurent-Perrier, whiskey Dewar, William Lawson’s, Aberfeldy, cognac Baron Otard, Jean Bombay Sapphire, Tequila Cazadores and Camino Real, vodka grey Goose (Grey Goose) and Eristoff (Jeristoff)

The key to the successful functioning of the company “Luzanovka” is the high level of quality of services provided, the possibility of individual approach for each client, as well as mutually beneficial cooperation with our partners.

Company’s tasks as a Distributor

The main principles of the company’s work as a Distributor are:

  • Formation of a balanced range of competitive products, which will correspond to the trade trends of the Odessa region
  • Providing the maximum possible trade coverage
  • Meeting the needs of consumers in different price segments of the market
  • Comfortable conditions of cooperation

LLC “Luzanovka” guarantees both the maintenance of the necessary level of service, and is the optimal solution of the necessary tasks for all participants of the process of transportation of products from suppliers to consumers. Daily collection, packing and delivery of up to 1500 orders in more than 900 outlets are carried out. Warehouse Logistics

  • Acceptance and placement of goods in warehouses;
  • Receiving orders from customers;
  • Completeness of orders;
  • Shipment of goods from the warehouse;
  • Handling returns and other non-standard situations.

Transport Logistics

  • Availability of own transport units (42 vehicles of different load capacity);
  • Actual information about the location of the goods in real time;
  • Competent planning of transport processes;
  • Delivery of goods to a trade point;
  • Full responsibility for the delivered cargo.


  • Optimal control and management of current stock;
  • Ensuring long-term contractual relations;
  • Equipping of sales representatives with modern technical means (PDA, GPS trackers, GPS-navigators);
  • Optimal business processes within the company.

Trade Points:

  • Wide range of products offered;
  • Systematic visits to outlets. and prompt delivery of products;
  • High Professional level of the company’s employees;
  • Promotion.

Why can we be trusted?

High quality of the offered services in LLC “Luzanovka” is ensured by constant control over performance of daily operations, and also by automation of systems of management of warehouse and transport logistics. Since LLC “Luzanovka” has been successfully operating in the market of the Odessa region for more than 20 years, it is able to provide its clients and partners with the following advantages:

  • Proven transparent partnership relationships;
  • Impeccable reputation;
  • High logistics capacity;
  • Compliance with its obligations to partners;
  • Staff training programmes;
  • Promotion of products in all sales channels.

For cooperation, please contact us by phone. + 38 (048) 711 92 00 or write to the email address