Distribution Company “Luzanovka”

Founded in 1995, the limited liability company “Luzanovka” is areliable partner in the field of sale of alcoholic beverages and foodstuffs. Current economic indicators demonstrate that the company’s activities meet market requirements, as well as guarantee the growth prospects for each brand and, consequently, the loyalty of its consumers in the industry.

Our buyers

“Tavria V” is a well-known network of supermarkets and shopping malls, with more than 50 shops located in the city. Odessa and the region. “Tavria B” outlets are located in densely populated areas of Odessa, which in turn favorably affects the activity of buyers.

“Kopeyka”-most of the supermarkets of this brand is located in Odessa and the region. To date, the network has more than 38 retail stores, and their number in the Odessa region is constantly increasing. The total volume of visitors of supermarkets of the trading network “penny” Today exceeds 60 thousand.

“Objora”-the current activity of this trade network of supermarkets Naprvavlena on active promotion within the Odessa region, which is in turn foundation for mutually beneficial cooperation. The company offers consumers a wide range of goods both domestic and foreign production, which provides the above mentioned network a decent level of popularity among the inhabitants of the Odessa region.

“2 Shaga” – Supermarket chain occupies a firm position among the food networks of the city. Odessa and the region. Conveniently located shops in tandem with quality products-a reliable basis for further development and growth of the company.

Also among our partners are not less than 3500 retail outlets, whose owners sincerely want to thank for reliable cooperation for more than 2 decades. They are our confidence in the stable development of the company and proof of professionalism of our employees.