At the moment “Luzanovka” LLC occupies one of the leading positions among distributors of Odessa region. However, stable and productive work of the company would be impossible without the appropriate resources of the company among which we would like to pay attention to the following:

  • As the main resource it is necessary to note both highly skilled personnel, and reliable trading partners, cooperation with the majority of which continues already more than 10 years.
  • Sales department consisting of eighteen trading teams with a total number of 130 people, who in six directions monthly cover about 4500 outlets.
  • To increase the efficiency of work, all sales representatives of the company are provided with service PDA connected to the corporate mobile network for accounting and transfer to the head office of orders from the company’s clients, as well as personal GPS-trackers.
  • The warehouse terminal is located at the entrance to Odessa on the Nikolaev route. The total useful area of warehouses is about 8 500 sq. m. M.
  • The company’s fleet has a total capacity of 270 tons and consists of 42 trucks, 11 of which are equipped with a hydroboard. GPS-stations and fuel consumption sensors are installed on the entire cargo fleet, which allows to control the accuracy of delivery routes and optimize costs, as well as drivers equipped with GPS-navigators to select the optimal To minimize the delivery time of the product to the buyer.